A guide to those who guard against evil!

This is where you’ll find templates to put together your own Qur’an journal, and links to resources to help you research and reflect. Each template page contains a verse in Arabic and its translation, a hadith on the same theme and vocabulary. There’s also space for your notes and an action plan.

You could research and reflect for your Qur’an journal alone, or with family or a group of friends. You could even set up a regular weekly group to reflect on the chosen verse and share your research.

Here are the page templates so far – we’ll be adding to them regularly so please check back for more!

Here’s a short tutorial showing you how I set up my Qur’an Journal spreads.

I’ll be sharing glimpses of my own Qur’an Reflective Journal on facebook and instagram InshaAllah, check them out and let me know which verses you’d like featured on upcoming templates in the comments.



(I’m using the Shakir and Quli Qara’i translations for the templates)